• I think I've lost my data - What should I do!?

    When your documents or images are lost or key files are corrupted or accidentally deleted. It can happen at any time, perhaps through power disruption, hardware failure or operator error. Stay calm, don’t panic…switch off your computer or external hard drive. Do not re-start your computer. Do not attempt to run more software – this can create further problems. Do not tamper with a hard disk – this may cause further damage. Always handle a hard drive extremely carefully. If removing drive, place on a padded surface. Rough handling, shock and vibration are common causes of hard drive failure.

  • What is data recovery?

    To put it simply we can help you to recover your files, photos and important documents from broken and damaged storage devices. Some common examples being :

    If your laptop is not working and you have to check your Emails, Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, Sage data you need to get to.

    You are a professional photographer and the Compact Flash memory card you just shot a wedding which is not reading.Your business has a NAS or a server to store all your files on and it’s failed. The process is based on a case by case basis as the solutions depend on the error, type of drive and data to be recovered.

    You find that the problems usually fall into 3 categories :

    Logical Failure (drive works but can’t get to the data), Media/Electronic Issues (problems with a chip or reading the drive via your computer software), Physical Failure (where some parts of the drive itself are failing, damaged or broken).

  • What sort of cost can I expect and what is the diagnostic fee?

    Each job is based on a case by case basis as there are so many varying factors, so only after the initial diagnostic can we give you an accurate quotation. We've found this the fairest way of charging for recovery, we could say prices start from Rs 1500, but this we be misleading.

    The reality is most of the drives we receive have been looked at by a few people before we get to them and have serious problems that require replacement parts and work. Book your drive in for diagnostic and we can give you an accurate quote for reuniting you with your data. Analysis is free of cost. The report will be given in 48 hrs. For High Priority (same day) - Diagnostic charges Rs 1000 compulsory.

  • How can you recover data from ?

    Currently we can recover data from Hard Disk, Pen Drive, MicroSD Card, Raid Server, Memory Card, MiniSD Card, Compact Disk (CD), Floppy Disks

  • How long does it take?

    Our standard service is to turn around jobs within 14 days. We can fast track emergency jobs, but there are additional costs involved.

    Steps For Recovery :Company : Registration --> Analysis --> Quotation --> Recovery --> Hand Over User : Media Assessment Form --> Approval --> Testing --> Payment

  • What are my chances of getting the data back?

    We always aim to recover as much data as it’s possible to retrieve from the media. No job can be guaranteed 100%. A successful recovery is anything up to 85% of your data recovered..

  • Will I get my hard drive all repaired as new and how will my data get returned to me?

    No, You only get back your data but we can provide new drives/sticks at an additional cost. If you need the hard drive back, for an under warranty repair please discuss with the office at the time of booking.

    Depending on the amount of data to be recovered it may be on a series of DVD’s or if it’s a large amount of data we can supply USB sticks and Hard drives. We can discuss the options at the time.

  • I have confidential business data on the drive and I'm worried about data protection?

    All data recovered is treated with the strictest confidentiality, data is stored until successful return to our client then it is deleted.

  • I only need to recover one folder of files from the drive is it any cheaper?

    Not usually, unfortunately the same work has to be done to recover 5 files or the entire contents of the drive.

    We do ask that clients provide a list of the most important files required, this makes it easier in the case of rapidly deteriorating media to get the most important data before it fails completely. On very rare occasions with hard drive recovery there is the case where only one set of replacement heads is required and the price will be adjusted to suit.

  • Do you recover data from Apple Macs & NAS device?

    We do recover data from Apple devices: (quite often these days) iMacs, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro., Older G5, G4, G3, Powerbook, iBook., Mac formatted USB hard drives, USB Sticks, (hfs+ Mac Os Extended), Mac formatted attached raid storage: Promise Raid, G Raid etc.

    We do recover data from NAS devices also, it include : Netgear Ready NAS, Buffalo, Synology, D-Link, QNAP, Thecus and others

  • How can you reach us and what are our office timings?

    We are located in the heart of Surat City in Mandarwaja. Prominent landmark is Trade House - Mandarwaja. Nearest Mandarwaja Fire station. It is 5 minutes walk from Ring Road. Please call +91-99794-64626, +91-86909-64626 for any assistance.

    Our office is opened from Monday to Saturday. Timings are morning 10.00 a.m. to evening 7.00 p.m.