Apple ios and Android Mobile Data Recovery

Surat Data Recovery recover data from your accidentally formatted and deleted data from mobile phone handset (internal data) as well as your external data using logical and physical extraction methods. The method we use is world class leading technology, We use several different hardware and software methods to help get data back for you that others can't!


Apple iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Apple iPad 1,2 & 3 Android phone handset models of mobile phones supported! All major mobile phone operating systems supported including iPhone, Android. We can recovery deleted data from some Apple Iphones including photos and text messages but not all iPhones due to data encryption.
Total Price: depending on the work required.

We specialise in data recovery from Apple iPhones & Apple iPad, Android phones and tablets we have been able to perform the following types of data recovery work recently on iPhones:


  • Notes
  • Voice memos
  • Contacts

  • Recovery of hidden/password protected photos

For most brands of ios and android mobile phones, We can recover existing, hidden or deleted:
  • Text messages
  • Call history
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Phone internal data
  • Other phone data

Note: Your phone MUST be working and not faulty. We do not repair broken phones.
This mobile phone data recovery service takes 2-3 working days for this service.

Important Notes:

  • For any circumstances where special work is needed with more time or a VERY low chance of success or special research work is needed, We will seek your approval before doing this work in all cases.
  • It is not always possible to recover lost or deleted data from a mobile phone, SIM card or memory card. If the device does not keep the deleted data on the device, has erased the data in a secure way or if the data has been overwritten we will not be able to recover the deleted data! We will use our tools to recover ALL possible data at a fixed price and present the findings to you to see if it is useful to you.

There are following steps to recover from our mobile phone data recovery service:
  • Turn your phone off to prevent overwriting any data. Leave your SIM card & memory card (if installed) in the phone. Find your power charger cable for the phone.
  • Pack your phone (with SIM card) & power charger cable in a box to protect it damage in transit.
  • Once the phone arrives, we will let you know it has arrived. 2-3 working days after receiving the phone, we will contact you to confirm data recovery. If your data is recovered you will have bring a USB drive.

Important Note : We are not responsible for any cause and damage of your mobile phones and instruments during recovery.

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